Become a globally-accredited

          Certified Senior Practitioner in Human Resources

          CSPHR is a globally-recognized proficient level of achievement within the field of human resources. It highlights solid understanding and strong conviction that the professional practice of human resources management can not only safeguard the interests of employers, employees and the business community but act as a business advisor and consultant leading any business to success highlighting years of consistent professional development and dedication in the HR field.


          Professional must be one of the following:

          * CPHR holder for at least 5 years
          * HR Practitioners with more than ten (10)

             years of HR experience (5 years of which

             as an HR Manager)

          * 8+ years of an active international

             non-CPHR HR license

          * Practicing lawyer

          * Have a Ph.D. in the field of HR,

             Humanities, Psychology, or Business


          1. Complete the registration form on the left

          2. Fulfill the non-refundable GEA Fee

          3. Submit the necessary requirements

              including updated Curriculum Vitae, valid

              national ID, and will be subjected to a

              credentials validation.

          4. Complete the short AI-led interview

          5. Agree to follow the CPHR Practitioner


          Next Deadline: 10 March 2022
          Conferment:  19 March 2022

          For clarification and inquiries, contact:

          CPHR Secretariat: